A Day in my Life

Wearing my favorite kind of clothes in this photo from my teenage years. A simple top with jeans. Back then pictures were not taken often, however this day my older brother Glenn took a few pictures of me.

This photo was taken in Glenn’s bedroom. When my parents’ built the house, this room was suppose to be the living room. Since the kitchen and dining room area came out much bigger than they expected, they used the dining room area as the living room and the living room became my brother’s bedroom.

As you may be able to see in the photo, Glenn had a poster of the Beatles. One of the first movies I saw, along with Glenn, was A Hard Day’s Night with the Beatles. Although I like some of their music, I was not a fan like of theirs like Glenn.

I am just noticing the green print on the wall of what looks like a house. Looks like he had an eight-track in there too.

The mirror on the wall was something I believe mom got from a woman who help her clean and do laundry while mom was pregnant with my sister when we lived in Worms, Germany. We lived on the third floor and the laundry room was in the basement so it was difficult for mom to have to go up and down the stairs to do laundry while pregnant. There were times I had to do the laundry and hang it on the inside clothes lines provided in the basement.

The floor lamp base was brass. Mom had a pair of table lamps much wider than the floor lamp.

The picture below was taken in my bedroom. I don’t look too happy in the photo. My bed was a bookcase bed my parents bought second hand within a few years of me being born. The clock was one from my parents’ antique clock collection. My eight-track player on neatly on a chest mom had given me. My 45 records were on there too along with my Dutch wooden shoes.

At that time as many girls my age, I loved stuffed animals. One of the ones on my bed I won at a carnival in Fort Knox, KY. Hanging by the window were my pom poms from being on the pep squad in Ocean Springs, MS.

Reminiscing of a day in my life.

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