At Frankfurt American Airport

My family took several families to the Frankfurt American Airport in Frankfurt, Germany when it was time for them to return stateside. The day we took this family (if I remember correctly, the Rizzo family) to the airport had a strange turn of events on the way back to Giessen, Germany.

We had a 1962 Chevrolet station wagon at this time. There was nine of us on this trip – my parents, me, Kevin, Inger and Dehart, and the family (father, mother and son) we took to the airport. We lived in an upstairs apartment from this family who were friends with Inger and Dehart who soon became our friends, too.

Inger and Dehart were boyfriend and girlfriend and we never knew if they married. I would love to try to locate either one of them however, I don’t know their last names. Recently I found a post card Inger sent to us many years ago however she only signed Inger. I estimate they were probably fifteen to twenty years older than me. One of them had a three wheel car with one door on the front of the car. They took my older brother, Glenn and I swimming and the four of us scrambled to fit in the small car. Glenn and I took turns sitting on the small floorboard of the car. They also came to visit us at times which I always enjoyed being around them.

After we left the airport that day, the engine of our car caught fire on the autobahn on the way home to Giessen. It was a big chaotic and luckily no  one was hurt. Luckily having Inger and Dehart with us helped with the communication barrier with those who came to tow our car. I don’t remember how we got home that day. We were without a car for a while, but luckily the Marshall Housing Area were we lived was close to the PX, Commissary, school, dad’s work, but most importantly close to the movie theater where Glenn and I usually went to on Saturday for the matinee.

What I remember most about Inger and Dehart was not only their exterior beauty, but the inner beauty that transpired from each of them.

Photos at Frankfurt American Airport

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