At the Springs

After spending five of the last six years living in Germany due to my father’s Army assignment, we were stateside again. My first – third grades and my fifth – sixth were at American schools on Army posts in Germany. Dad’s new orders were for Vietnam, and this time mom wanted us to live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when dad was in Vietnam.

This picture shows a few things from our time in Germany and traveling around Europe. The dolls in the photo are different dolls that represent their country in Europe. Before moving from Worms, Germany Mom and dad took me to the jewelry store to buy me the ring on my finger. Seems I recall the jewelry store being near an ice cream shop I liked near the Martin Luther monument in downtown Worms. Worms is pronounced with a V instead of a W.

The box looking item on the right of the chest is a record player I got for Christmas the year I turned eleven. I recall so wanting a record player that I had saved my money to buy one. Mom had to end up spilling the beans that I was getting one for Christmas.

The globe was also a Christmas present one year. Don’t recall where the books came from. The chest was a storage chest that mom had and given to me that was deemed my “hope chest”. Hope chests were common for girls and unmarried women to use to keep items for when they got married.

We lived about twenty – thirty blocks from the beach and often walked there. Teenage dances, riding around the small town and along the beach was always fun. Back then gas was about thirty cents a gallon. Often went riding with my cousins Andrea and Wanda; with each of us putting up a $1 towards gas, we had enough for almost a tank of gas. Great times.

Many great songs came out during our time at Ocean Springs. Ones I remember most are American Pie by Don McClean which played almost daily on the radio while we had study hall at school, Doctor My Eyes by Jackson Brown, and the ever all famous School’s Out by Alice Cooper which came out right before school let out and right before we moved from Ocean Springs. And can’t forget Color My World by Chicago, the song that so many people slowed danced to probably still do to this day.

The plan was for us to continue living in Ocean Springs after dad finished his tour of Vietnam, however plans changed. His next assignment was Fort Knox, Kentucky and almost two years in Ocean Springs, we moved to Fort Knox, Kentucky. Dad then retired from the Army and we moved back home to Opelousas, Louisiana for good.

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