Baby, It’s Cold Outside

With the unusually cold weather we are having right now, it reminds me I grew up in several places where the winters were colder than here in south Louisiana. The picture above was in Highland Park, Illinois when I was three years old. As with several other photos of me when quite young, I remember mom taking this photo of my brother Glenn and me. And remember mom getting me dressed in my snow suit.

This was at a corner across the street from the upstairs apartment from where we lived in Highland Park, IL. A few years ago, my husband Larry and I drove up there to visit one of my many childhood homes and we recreated this photo with Larry replacing Glenn in the photo, and since it was June when we went, there was no snow.

Other places where I grew up that was cold and snowy was in Barling, Arkansas and Giessen, Hanau and Worms, Germany. It was so much fun playing in the snow, especially since the snow didn’t melt almost as soon as it landed, as it usually happens when it snows in south Louisiana. Mom did get pictures of us and some with her when it snowed in Opelousas in February 1960.

Snow sledding was so much fun. When it snowed in Germany, Glenn and I headed out to Chapel Hill in Giessen to ride on our sleds. Hanau had a small hill by our apartment but it was nothing compared to Chapel Hill.

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