Beyond City Limits

Living out of city limits as a teenager was a bit challenging. My parents had just built a house three miles from city limits when I was sixteen years old. Although the photo above is not very clear, the fresh dirt can be seen in the photo. We didn’t get phone service for about three months after moving there, which for me seemed like a lifetime.

That was so many years ago and don’t remember what I did to pass the time out there. My stereo was probably played often along with writing in my diary. Saturday nights were spent at either the Southern Club, Charlie Brown’s or the bowling alley. At the bowling alley, I probably played the air hockey or foosball table more than I bowled; however bowled often during my childhood.

My choice of clothing at that time were jeans (and still my choice), a simple shirt with a blue jean shirt over it. My footwear of choice was chukka boots. From time to time I “dressed up” for school by wearing a dress wearing an initial pendant on a chain given to me by a friend as a birthday present.

Having typically had short hair, I finally had long hair which ended up reaching my waist. And finally getting my ears pierced which I had wanted to do since I was a young girl after admiring the earrings of a great-aunt whose ears were pierced.

Those days bring on good and bad memories, but helped shape me for who I am today.

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