Chiemsee Ski Week

The day I was chosen as one of the students to attend one of Chiemsee’s Ski Week was a day I was ill and didn’t attend school. To my surprise my friends Dianne and Jane came to our apartment, excited and let me know that I, along with both of them were going to ski week. That’s me wearing a beanie with sunglasses on my head; a circle is around my head in the photo.

Living in Worms, Germany at the time, some sixth grade students throughout the American schools in Germany were able to attend. It was dependent on their grades whether they got to attend the ski week. Our school was small with only one sixth grade class and most of us got to go. To be honest I don’t recall how it was decided.

Ski week was in Chiemsee which is in Bavaria in Germany. We would take ski lessons half a day and attend school the other half. Instead of attending school, we usually did something else. One time we took a boat ride to an island on Chiemsee Lake that has the Herrchiemsee Castle which had been for King Ludwig II. It was my second time touring that castle; four years earlier I went with my family.

While packing for the trip, mom wanted me to bring long johns, which I fought against. However she advised me if I didn’t bring those, I couldn’t go. Well I brought the long johns with me but didn’t wear them!

The first thing I remember my class’s ski instructor showed us to do was to stop. I never was not able to stop and kept going and going until I fell. And once I fell, I couldn’t get back up so Vic, our instructor had to come help me up. On the third day Vic took the class on the bigger hill and told me and Chris, a girl in my class that didn’t do well with skiing either, to stay behind and practiced. After practicing a little while, I told Vic I was ready and he took me up the bigger hill. Once I was up there, I was scared being up there and knew the only way down was to try to ski down. I did, but literally skied over people had fallen!

All-in-all the trip was great! It was a great experience and glad I had the opportunity to attend.

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