Christmas & the Aluminum Tree

When growing up, we had an aluminum Christmas tree for many years. This is the first Christmas picture of my brother Glenn and me with that tree. Glenn is holding a tree for spice drops. Not sure what I am holding, maybe a tin with cookies in it.

Mom decorated our Christmas tree with only blue, round bulbs. It was so simplistic which I can now appreciate. By the time I was twelve, my brothers and I begged to have a real Christmas. From that time on, the aluminum tree was put into full time retirement.

As we moved from place to place that tree naturally moved with us. Not sure how old I was when mom got this tree, but was either three or four years old and the last time it was used was when I was eleven years old so it took us through about eight or nine Christmases.

The tree my husband Larry and I use is a tall, thin artificial green tree. Each year we buy a new ornament to add to our collection. Which reminds me, with it being the Christmas season now, time to get out and find the perfect ornament for this year.