First Easter I Remember

I was just under two and half years old for this Easter, which was the first Easter I remember. Mom, my brother Glenn and I were living with Momo and Papa while dad was stationed in the Army in Giessen, Germany.

Check out the wild wall paper Momo had on the walls! She probably didn’t choose it or have it put on the walls, as the house didn’t belong to her or Papa. The house instead was owned by the family who Papa family worked and farmed for… the house was a perk of the job as it was rent free.

Glenn and I first got our Easter baskets full of candy, then mom got us dressed for this photo. I so remember mom getting up propped and posed for the photo, which was not only for nostalgia sake but probably to send to dad.

I don’t recall if we went to Easter Mass that day, however do remember going to the City of Eunice which is about twenty miles from Opelousas, where we lived. We went there to go to Momo’s mother and father’s house. It was a house a bit higher off from the ground than many of the houses on cement piers were. Under that house was many children playing and I too joined them. The children playing were cousins as probably many from Momo’s seven siblings were probably there too with their children.

Mom had me pose on the front porch at my great-grandparents’ house. Many photos were taken on that porch through the years. Several years ago my husband Larry and I went to that house (which was unoccupied) so I could stand in the same spot for Larry to take a photo of me for a photo re-creation.  The house looked lower to the ground than I remembered, and seeing it as an adult makes me wonder how as children we were able to play under it. It probably settled some through the years.

Times from long ago that I am grateful I can still remember at least parts of it.