Fun by the Bayou

My parents and grandparents loved to have cookouts with family and friends. This left me and my brother often around more grown ups than with children our age.

This cookout was different. My parents and grandparents were with adults, but this time we were with others our age – with our cousins.

This cookout was around September 1962 at Willie’s in Washington, Louisiana. Willie’s is next to Bayou Courtbleau. My grandmother took us close enough to the bayou for us to see the water. When we left that day, mom told us what the old steamboat warehouse across the road. Years later the warehouse was turned into a restaurant, appropriately named The Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant.

Getting back to the day from these photos. We played with our cousins often, however this was the first time we all got together that wasn’t at one of our houses. We ended up with there being thirteen cousins in all, but at this time there were six of us in the photos, with one being a baby who is not in the photos and one cousin who wasn’t there.

I am the fourth oldest, and the first girl of our paternal cousins. Mom was an only child so we didn’t have any maternal first cousins. Of the seven of us in the photos, there were only two girls, me and Dianne who is just a tiny bit younger than me. We wanted to be one of the boys that day, playing right along with them. It was great!