Helicopter Ride, Anyone?

I’ve never rode on a helicopter, but I posed by one! This photo was taken at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. On the left is me, my brother Glenn on the right and our friend Barbara in the middle. Although I don’t remember everything about that day, I do remember us posing in front of the helicopter that day.

Check out the cars in the background. In case you can’t recognize what year the photo was taken based on the cars, it was 1963. We were living on D Street in Barling, a small town next to Fort Chaffee. Barbara and her family lived on the same street. Mom and dad became her Godparents when her parents decided to have her become Catholic.

One of my memories when visiting at Barbara’s was stopping there on the way back from getting yet another pixie haircut. Seems their house was a stone house near the beginning of the street. We lived a little further down the street in a duplex apartment. During that summer, Glenn and I had a small swimming pool we played in. Next to it was dad bar-be-quing with watermelon after we ate. Dad told us if we swallowed a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in our stomach!

Glenn was in first grade and I hadn’t started school yet. Mom was pregnant with our younger brother, Kevin. We would go to Sunday Mass at the chapel at Fort Chaffee. On Sunday afternoons, we often went to the NCO (non commissioned officers) Club where I usually danced to the song “Let the Little Girl Dance” by Billy Bland.

One of my memories from that time period was visiting with people mom and dad knew. I went out to play and saw lots of red dirt around, first time I recall seeing red dirt which was common for that area. The woman taught mom how to make tacos. Afterwards Mom made this often and it  became a favorite of mine.

Mom got a sewing machine while we lived there and one of the first things she made was clothes for my new Barbie doll. When getting the Barbie doll, I wanted the blonde with long hair, but mom made me get the one with dark, short hair. It wasn’t until I met my husband, Larry, that I got the Barbie doll I really wanted from back then!

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