JW Low’s Lunch Counter

The JW Low’s lunch counter is a favorite memory of many from Opelousas. Thinking of it brings up memories of cherry colas, biscuits, lunches and  of the candy counter which was nearby. For me the memory of JW Low’s brings on memories of mom working there when we lived in Opelousas. Mom took this photo in 1953 or 1954 when she worked there while dad was on his first Army tour of Korea, before me or my siblings were born.

While I was pregnant for my firstborn, Chris, I would go to the lunch counter after my doctor’s appointment. Mom was working there at the time and she would treat me to coffee and biscuits. At that time JW Low’s had been there for about thirty years. It lasted about four or five more years from the time I had Chris.

As a child, my memories of it was going to JW Low’s to meet up with mom when my grandmother would take me and my older brother, Glenn, shopping. The store had the lunch counter plus fish, candy, toys, housewares, music albums, sewing fabric and so much more. It was the center of a “mini-mall” in that it could be accessed from the west on Court Street, on the east on Main Street, the north from the Abadalla’s store and on the south by East Landry Street.

Once mom took us to the office of the owner,  Mrs Audrey Low so we could meet her. I was five years old at the time, and I was in owe of being an office as well as being in awe of meeting her.

After going to the Saturday matinee at the Delta Theater on Market Street, Glenn and I would cross from Market Street by the Court House to Court Street to enter JW Low’s on the west side. Our grandparents brought us to the movies, then we went to meet mom at JW Low’s after the movies to go home with her. We usually got some kind of treat including getting candy and sometimes a fish for our aquarium.

As I got older, often times me and others from Standard Fittings would go to the lunch counter for lunch with Boston cream pie for dessert.

Definitely a center place of memories for us.