Kitchens are Important Parts of Memories

As a young child, I felt important if I got to wash the dishes. Of course as I got older, I didn’t feel the same way. When I washed dishes as a young child, I imagine the dishes weren’t cleaned as well as they should been cleaned. And this is the second picture of me washing dishes at around age six, with the first one of me being the age of two.

Looking at this photo reminds me of many things from that time period when living in Barling, Arkansas. While my older brother, Glenn was at school, mom would often cook a soft boiled egg for me, peel it part way and set it in a shot glass for me to eat with my fork.

The bowl with the fruit in it on top of the washing machine was a bowl mom had since 1948. That bowl is in many photos I now have and now I have that bowl.

Seems odd the washing machine is next to the sink, but it was a small apartment. A few years ago, my husband and I were traveling in this area and went by to see where I used to live. The woman currently living in the apartment let me in to take a look. It was amazing to see how small the apartment actually is as I remember it a bit, just a bit larger. The washing machine was now in a closed off section in the already small kitchen and the stove is now where the washing machine was in this photo.

The side wall is brick, which the living room also has two inside brick walls. I always thought that was a cool look. When visiting the apartment a few years ago, the brick had been painted which I thought took away from its unique look.

This photo reminds me of dad bringing home a rabbit to cook, and at the time loved eating rabbit. Although I loved the taste, as I got older, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat it.

I also think of mom and dad’s friends, Joe, Gussie and their daughter Barbara visiting while sitting at our kitchen table.

To the left side in the picture was our metal kitchen table. My memories of it was eating my soft boiled eggs, and my birthday cake when my grandmother came to visit to help mom with our new baby brother.