Meeting New, Old Friends

One of dad’s Army assignments was what ended up being the birthplace of my older brother, Glenn, and me. He was stationed there for about four years. He and mom and the couple in the photo, Willie and Alice Rentfrow, became close friends while stationed there. Mom and dad wanted them to be Glenn’s Godparents, however they were not Catholic and couldn’t be Glenn’s Godparents.

Willie was a barber and gave Glenn his first haircut. Alice worked at a 5&Dime type of store (picture below) and believe mom worked with her. This may be how they all met.

Dad’s new Army assignment was when I was less than a year old, with Glenn being about two years ago so we never knew Willie and Alice. While we were passing through our birth state when we were ten and nine years old, we went to Willie and Alice’s which was when this photo was taken of us. I am on the left standing in front of Alice, Glenn is on the right and dad is on the right and my younger brother, Kevin, is putting on a hat. Alice’s son is in front of Willie.

We never saw Willie and Alice again. Mom may have talked to her since that last visit. Through research I found Alice’s obituary stating she died in 2005 with Willie dying for then.

Although meeting the Rentfrow’s was new to me, they were old friends of my parents and through their friendship and memories became new, old friends for me.