My 6th Birthday with My Grandmother

We were living out of state when I had my sixth birthday. It was extra special because my maternal grandmother, Momo Louise, was there for my birthday. She had road a bus from Opelousas, Louisiana to where we were living to help mom because my younger brother had just been born.

This is the only time of my recollection of Momo being with us for my birthday for any of the times we lived out of state. And I believe this is the only photo I have with Momo at any birthday of mine.

We were living in a very small two-bedroom duplex apartment with it being four of us, to then five of us. Although I can’t remember, Momo must have slept in my older brother’s bed, and he probably slept either on the floor or the sofa while Momo was with us.

Dad had come home from the hospital to tell us we had a baby brother. My older brother and I probably had stayed at a neighbors house while they were at the hospital. Seems like not much time passed when dad left to go to the bus station to pickup Momo.

We had visited Momo and Papa the summer of that year. Papa was a farmer and his employer had provided a house for them. With the house getting up in age, his employer had built them another house. both were small houses, but this new one would have a bathroom inside the house! While we were visiting them that summer, my older brother and I would love to walk through the framing of the house.

When Momo was with us, she told us the new house was almost completed and would be moving in soon. When we went to visit them about six weeks later and they were in their new house. This would be their home for about ten years until Papa retired and they moved elsewhere.

Sometimes my memories are confused as to which house they lived in from my memories. None of the less, my memories don’t confuse the land where they lived.

Sweet memories!

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