My First Partner in Crime

My older brother, Glenn, was my first partner in crime. Just look at us in the picture … we certainly had been in some mischief … angels in disguise. He is fourteen months older than me and from what I understand, we both wreaked havoc with mom. She said we took pots out of the cabinet, climbed in the cabinet and more.

Glenn somehow pushed the television over my heard when I was eighteen months old. To the hospital my parents took me; had a skull fracture. But that never stopped us from getting into more mischief.

We did alot together, including getting chicken pox at the same time. Not so unusual as my two younger children also got chicken pox at the same time.

While living in three different places in Germany while our dad was stationed there in the Army, we walked from our apartment in the housing area to the movie theater for the Saturday matinee. The first movie I recall us going to see together was The Beatle’s “Hard Days Night”. Saturday movies were the norm for us when we lived in Giessen, later Hanau and Worms, Germany.

One of my favorite things to do, and am sure the same was true for Glenn, was snow sledding down on Chapel Hill in Giessen. And playing marbles with the other kids in our housing area. After reading our comic books, we would stack up our pile and go from door to door in the housing area apartments to trade our comic books with other kids who had finished reading there books.

When we went to the same school, we would walk to and from together, often with friends with us. And usually when one of us would get into trouble, the other one would, too.

Glad the trouble making is over now, but sure was some good memories.

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