My Pretty Dress

This is a picture I didn’t see or remember seeing until last year when going through my brother, Glenn’s, childhood photo album. I have no recollection of this photo being taken so can only speculate on things from this time period.

Being that I have on a pretty dress, we may have been to church. The photo may have been taken on the same day at the one in my post My First Memory as it looks like the same dress.

We were living at Fort Dix, New Jersey at the time. The things in the photo familiar to me are the car Glenn and I are sitting on and the military buildings. Back then and still some now most military buildings looked the same.

We were perhaps getting ready to leave Fort Dix to go back home to Opelousas, Louisiana. Dad had gotten orders to go to Giessen, Germany for a year. Since we couldn’t go with him, mom, Glenn and I would be living with my grandparents while dad was in Germany.

Mom used to tell us when we traveled when Glenn and I were young that they would put down the backseat and put a board on top of it that extended to the truck. This provided a bed for Glenn and me to sleep. And from I understand, mom and dad probably welcomed it when we slept as they told us we could be a handful. But in fairness to Glenn and me, most children at that age are a handful.