Ready to Shop

With my purse in hand and standing by our car, I must have been ready to go shopping! It reminds me of my maternal grandmother handing me “a few dollars” (as she would like to say) to buy something for myself. She did this until I was in my early adulthood. Momo would tell me to buy one piece (of clothing) at a time to build up my wardrobe. She probably did this because she wasn’t able to do this while she was growing up.

Many miles were put in the car in the picture. The car was a two tone, two door 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air and my parents had it for about four years.

This photo was taken in Highland Park, Illinois when I was three years old. Although I don’t remember the photo being taken, I remember the surroundings.  We lived in an upstairs apartment in the house in the photo. It looks like mom is inside the car on the passenger side so possibly dad took this photo of me. Or it could be a friend of mom’s in the car with mom taking the photo.

Below are other photos from this same location and time period.

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