Same Expressions

We had just moved to Barling, Arkansas a few weeks before Christmas. Dad was back from his second tour of Korea in the Army when we moved to Barling. Our duplex apartment was laid out basically the same as the duplex apartment we lived in back home in Opelousas, Louisiana. This one had the brick exposed on the inside which I thought was so cool. It was a simple apartment which seemed grand to the little girl I was at that time.

In this picture of my brother Glenn and me, it is uncanny that both of our expressions are exactly the same. We look so much like each other in this photo.

Part of the spinning wheel I got for Christmas is in the photo. The end table had a wooden cowboy boot showing on the front bottom of the table. On top, as it was wherever we lived was a picture of me and my brother on top of a plastic dooly. The sofa and the end tables and coffee had the same cowboy motif. Mom bought the sofa and tables when we moved back home a year earlier. The furniture spent more time in storage than it did with us due to our frequent moves for the Army. We used it for two and half years, then in storage for almost three years, used it for a year, then two more years in storage.

If I could turn back time to simpler days.

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