The Whale that Talked

One of the places we lived when I was growing up was Worms, Germany. Dad was in the Army which meant we moved frequently. Several years ago in a Facebook Group regarding Army dependents in Worms, one of its members, Cindy, said she was a year behind me in school. Cindy’s class did the school’s newsletter and when she dug it out for that year found this story I had written that was in the newsletter. So cool!

The Whale That Talked

Once there was a boy who was walking along and he met his friend Chris. Chris asked him if he would go fishing with him. Sam replied, “But I don’t have a fishing pole.” Chris said that he would lend him one. So they went fishing.

When they got to the lake, they picked out a nice spot. Then they got everything they needed out.

Within an hour, they had caught fifteen fish. Then all of a sudden, Chris has a heavy pull. It was a whale! Chris pulled and pulled until he couldn’t pull any more. Then the whale gave a sudden jerk! Chris was pulled in the water! The whale pulled and pulled Chris until he was too tired to pull anymore. Then he brought Chris back where he was. The whale said to Chris, “Thanks, that was really fun!” Chris and Sam couldn’t believe their ears! The whale talked! Then the whale said, “Please don’t tell anyone I can talk! Please!  Chris and Sam said they wouldn’t tell anybody. Then they asked how he could talk. The whale said that a witch had turned him into a whale. Then Chris and Sam said they had to leave. They promised that they would come whenever they could and they did. The Whale was very pleased. They had great fun together.

By Karen

Grade 5 – Miss Diller

The Whale that Talked