Time of Innocence – Summer of ’72

As I write this, it has been fifty (50) years since we moved to Fort Knox, KY. This was still a time of innocence for me and for many of my friends. Before embarking on the upcoming harsh realities of life, our last days of innocence needed to be lived out.

While some of my memories from that time period are vague, many of my memories from that time are vibrant still to this day. We arrived in Fort Knox in June 1972. The first person I remember meeting was Pam, who was visiting her sister’s family for the summer. Pam and I are two weeks apart and became close friends that summer. We hung out, went to the beach and movies that summer. If I remember correctly one of the movies we went to had Dick Clark in it.

Pritchard Place housing area at Fort Knox was full of activity and of kids – both young and older (us!). Families were from everywhere. Irene and her brother Roy lived in our building and from our yearbook, it says they were from Galveston, TX. Sam, from what I remember was also from Texas however don’t remember where in Texas. Rick is from Georgia and Pam from Ohio. On the opposite end of our building was Joy and don’t remember where she was from. While in school, I met Ann, who was from New Roads, LA about forty-five minutes from my hometown. New Roads has False River, a place I love going to. If I look at the seniors in my yearbook of that year, they all came from all over the United States. This is one of the many things I loved growing up as an Army brat – meeting and being friends with people from various places.

Above are photos of Pam and I meeting each other again .

Pam was and still is a huge part of my coming of age summer that year. Pam, Sam, Rick, me and others from Pritchard place such as Debbie, John, Freddie and my brother Glenn often gathered around the tree that was on the corner of where we lived and where Pam’s family lived. That tree became known as the Kissing Tree (in a picture below with Pam and Sam) by all of us. Along with kissing there was also music, singing and friendship.

Chicago’s Saturday in the Park, Looking Glass’s Brandy, The Guess Who’s American Woman, Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Claire, Roberta Flack’s First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, Three Dog Night’s Black and White, Seals & Crofts’ Summer Breeze and Wayne Newton’s Daddy Don’t Walk So Fast, Sammy Davis Jr’s The Candy Man are some of the songs I remember hearing from that time era.

The featured photo on this post was of our apartment. It was a long building, and our apartment was actually part of two apartments turned from a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment into a four bedroom, two bathroom apartment. The apartment to the left of ours was turned from a two bedroom to a three bedroom. My bedroom was where the window is on the left of the upstairs.

Below are photos of my brother’s, Glenn, 16th birthday party, Vicky who was a friend from school, and my friends Pam and Sam. The significance of the photo of Pam and Sam is not only Pam, but the infamous (at least to us!) Kissing Tree behind them. The side of our apartment can also be seen in the photo.

The photos below are of my sister with her friends Gary and Timmy (Pam’s nephews). The picture of her crying is too cute to not include on here. Memorable for me is the outfit she is wearing in the photo. It is an outfit I made for her with wild looking material, but of course that was 1972 and what wasn’t wild at that time!

The pictures below were taken in June 2018 when my husband, Larry and I drove through Fort Knox for a quick visit. Our housing area, Pritchard Place was across the highway from the gold vault and the chapel was in our housing area. Catechism was in the basement of the chapel and where I made my first Superbowl bet. And the chapel is where Rick and I would walk to attend Sunday Mass.

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