Time When I Liked to Wash Dishes

There was a time I liked to wash dishes. That was when I was quite young and had to stand on a chair in order to wash the dishes. Being a child, I often enjoyed doing household chores, probably because I didn’t have to but wanted to do the chores.

This photo was at my grandparents house. They fortunately had running water as I can see the faucet at the sink, but I don’t recall an actual bathroom. The kitchen cabinet with the sink was metal and not attached to the wall.

Notice the bold wall paper which was probably the thing back in that time era. What I remember about the house was walking through the front door was the living room with a bedroom on each side. Mom’s bedroom was on the left, which when she, my brother Glenn and I lived there was our bedroom. The kitchen was after the living room. I believe there was a screened-in porch to the right of the kitchen.

At the entrance of their shell driveway was a cattle guard to keep the cattle from entering the yard. The road to the driveway was also a shell road, one that my grandfather later let Glenn and I drive on, with him in the front seat to show us what to do while driving.

Although I enjoy the modern conveniences and the technology advancement of today, there is a part of me that longs for the simplicity of yesterday.

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