What I Want to Do and Be When I Grow Up

This picture is of me when I was sixteen sitting in my older brother’s room. He’s a big Beatles fan and if you look closely at the wall behind me is a Beatles poster. The mirror on the left is an antique mirror my parents got while we lived in Germany.

We had been living in this house my parents had built for about seven months. After dad retired from the military, mom and dad were looking for a permanent house for us. It was out in the country, which to be honest I hated the location as it made it difficult to be around friends. I was not happy as is apparent in the lack of a smile in the photo.

My look to my future at that time was to possibly be a journalist, photographer or social worker. I saw myself as a loner, traveling from place to place writing articles and taking photos. Life took me on several different roads from what I saw for myself. Although I didn’t go into any of those fields, in a way I did all three thru the disabilities advocacy I did for children with developmental disabilities (which my daughter has) and my web design company.

It’s been a long time since this photo was taken of me. When I look back to that time period in my life, I still see that girl. The memory of her was lost in me for a while, but now she is fresh in my mind looking to guide me in deciding what to do and be “when I grow up”. Heck, maybe I will end up being one, two or all three of the things I wanted to do when I was younger.