Back with Momo Again

We had just moved back to Opelousas, Louisiana from Highland Park, Illinois when this photo was taken of my brother, Glenn and me with our maternal grandfather Louise. 

The doilie on the coffee table is something I remember mom having for many years. The western motif sofa, coffee table and end tables were newly purchased when we turned to Opelousas. Mom kept a neat, simplistic home which is evident in this photo.

Dad was stationed in Korea so it was just mom, Glenn and me for the year we were in Opelousas this time around. We lived in this house for a few months until we moved down the same street.

We spent alot of time at the farm where Momo and Papa lived right outside the eastern boundary of Opelousas. Papa farmed the land for his employer who provided a house for them to live. Part of that farm now houses a local casino and horse track.

Mom often took us to visit family and friends. Sometimes it was Momo Louise and Papa Emilian who took us to visit with others. They worked hard during the week and on weekends it was time for family and friends. It was always a treat when visitors went to their house, especially if there were children with the visitors as that meant Glenn and I had others to play with while the grownups visited.

Momo would sew often and make some clothes for me. She seemed to enjoy it more when she took us to town and bought clothes for me instead of making the clothes.  She probably bought the clothes Glenn and I are wearing in this picture. As a teenager and even as a very young adult, she would hand me money and told me to buy a piece of clothes with it. She couldn’t give alot of money to me at one time, so she would emphasize getting one piece at a time.

If I could have one more day to spent with my grandparents, I would wrap my arms around them and tell them how much I love them and appreciate them. I miss you both!