My Shining Star: Alison’s Song

You are my shining star
Sent from God above
You’re a precious gift
For us all to love.

Your life is full of unique challenges
For every new step you make
Makes you that much closer
To determining your own fate.

You have soared like a butterfly
Spreading your wings wide
Taking those first big steps
To everyone’s surprise.

And although your lips can not speak
The words I long to hear
You speak it with your heart
Which is music to my ears.

Your life has brought me joy
And given me many things
The greatest of all
Is the happiness your life brings.

Your eyes shine to the heavens
To our God above
Who blessed you times seven
For us to love.

You’re God’s special gift
My angel here on earth
I’ve loved you for an eternity
Ever since your birth.