Glenn Karen Kevin Lagrange & Joyce Bodin & Bob Elaine Klemm

The Invisible Ball

Giessen, Germany. After Bob retired from the Army, they would sometimes visit us in Louisiana and mom and dad would sometimes go to Arkansas to visit them.

At the Springs

Dad’s new orders were for Vietnam, and this time mom wanted us to live in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when dad was in Vietnam.

Meeting New, Old Friends

Dad’s new Army assignment was when I was less than a year old, with Glenn being about two years ago so we never knew Willie and Alice.

Fun by the Bayou

This cookout was different. My parents and grandparents were with adults, but this time we were with others our age – with our cousins.

Ready to Shop

With my purse in hand and standing by our car, I must have been ready to go shopping! It reminds me of my maternal grandmother handing me “a few dollars” (as she would like to say) to buy something for myself.

Chiemsee Ski Week

Ski week was in Chiemsee which is in Bavaria in Germany. We would take ski lessons half a day and attend school the other half.