Sam, Pam, Angie and unknown

Coming of Age Summer

We got there in around June and that summer at Fort Knox is what I call my coming of age summer – it was magical for me. Again, surrounded by military kids, it was what I knew and loved.

Glenn & Karen

My First Partner in Crime

My older brother, Glenn, was my first partner in crime. Just look at us in the picture … we certainly had been in some mischief … angels in disguise.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

At the time, the song “Leaving on a Jet Plane” was out and that became my “theme” song when we left Worms. I hated that once again I was leaving my friends behind.

Karen, Glenn & Barbara

Let the Little Girl Dance

This was the time when the song “Let the Little Girl Dance” by Billy Bland and “Peppermint Twist” was out. When we went to the NCO Club at Fort Chaffee on Sundays, dad would play those songs on the jukebox and I would dance and twist on the dance floor.

My First Memory

My first memory was mom telling me to sit in our rocking chair so she could take a picture of me. I was not quite two years old and surprised I can remember that far back