Back with Momo Again

We had just moved back to Opelousas, Louisiana from Highland Park, Illinois when this photo was taken of my brother, Glenn and me with our maternal grandfather Louise.  The doilie on the coffee table is something I remember mom having for many years. The western …

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I La Lu

When putting my daughter Alison to bed at night, I would tell her I love her. One night when she was thirteen years old, she said “mama, mama, mama I la lu”. After a few seconds I realized she said “mama, I love you”. A …

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photo: AC & Karen

My Paternal Grandfather

My paternal grandfather, AC’s (his actual name was Atelismar, and has been spelled in many ways), family often visited him during his institutionalization at Central Hospital in Pineville, Louisiana. Papa was a few days shy of thirty-one and Esther was eighteen when they married in …

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Emilian & Louise in Opelousas

My Maternal Grandparents

Papa was a sharecropper and lived on a local farm owned by the Boagni family. He farmed for them and for his own family. He also raised cattle and pigs and often shared the fruits of his work with his extended family. When we go …

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Joyce & Karen

Mom’s Hug in a Dream

It is not often I take a nap, however today I was not feeling well and was tired, so a nap was in order for me. In my dream, I found out my mother was still alive but for some reason hiding. In my dream, there …

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Sparkle & Shine

Your eyes now sparkle and shineFull of life and laughterOn a new found journeyTo live life ever after. I see life within your eyesGone is the empty stareInstead it’s replaced byThe gleaming smile you now wear. Thinking back to your first stepDown my cheek runs …

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Alison’s Story

It is hard to believe that almost ten years have past since the birth of my daughter, Alison. It is also hard for me to believe what I have done since her birth! From that day on, my life has changed! Within hours of her birth, …

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