Part of My Best Friend

Growing up as a Military Brat had its advantages and disadvantages. It gave me the opportunity to see many places and to meet many people. A disadvantage was leaving friends behind. And usually our time living somewhere didn’t give me an opportunity to have a long time best friend. Cathy who is on the right …

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Would I do it All Over Again?

At times, I’ve asked myself that if I had a choice would I do it all over again. My answer to myself is yes I would, but would handle some things differently. I am referring to advocating for my daughter, Alison who has severe developmental disabilities and for others in her situation and our families. …

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Feeling Comfortable in my Genes

To face the good, bad and ugly in my life, I had to put it on paper, or rather, type it out on my computer screen. As I wrote my memoirs, my life struggles were right in front of me and there was no where to go but face it head on. As I wrote, …

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Karen & Debbie with the band Chicago

It’s the Horns, It’s all About the Horns!

As for many, the song Color My World by Chicago was a popular song, especially as a slow dance song, with many including myself. The pull for me is the horns played by the band. We were living in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when the song came out and remember going to teenage dances. By the …

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Joyce & Karen

Mom’s Hug in a Dream

It is not often I take a nap, however today I was not feeling well and was tired, so a nap was in order for me. In my dream, I found out my mother was still alive but for some reason hiding. In my dream, there was a female guard to protect mom from othersā€¦ for …

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Victim vs Survivor

It never occurred to me that hurt and despair I felt for so many years was playing into me being a victim. Although it is important to know and understand what I went thru, whether it was of circumstances or of my own doing, it is important to me to not live as a victim. …

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