It’s the Horns, It’s all About the Horns!

As for many, the song Color My World by Chicago was a popular song, especially as a slow dance song, with many including myself. The pull for me is the horns played by the band. We were living in Ocean Springs, Mississippi when the song came out and remember going to teenage dances. By the time we moved to Fort Knox, Kentucky, Chicago was and still is my favorite band.

My friend Pam in Fort Knox gave me my first Chicago album, Chicago II. Their song Saturday in the Park came out while we were living in Fort Knox. If I wasn’t hooked on their music before, by that time I became hooked.

My first Chicago concert was in Lafayette, Louisiana when I was sixteen years old. Went to with friends in a Volkswagen bug. This was my first concert and had to almost beg my parents to let me go. The concert was terrific, just as expected.

Didn’t see Chicago in concert again until thirty-two years later. By that time some of the same band members were there along with newer ones. I got these tickets by giving the mother of a then friend of mine $20 to play the slots at the casino where Chicago was to play. In turn her mother gave me concert tickets she got from her playing the slots at the casino. The band sounded just as they did thirty-two years before.

Five years later I went to another concert with a friend, Debbie. Her new boyfriend who is in the radio business got us backstage passes to see the band. Knowing I would be seeing the band, I brought along the program from the first Chicago concert I attended and displayed it proudly in the picture taken of me and Debbie with Chicago.

Ahhh, meeting my favorite band then getting to listen to their music afterwards!

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