Part of My Best Friend

Growing up as a Military Brat had its advantages and disadvantages. It gave me the opportunity to see many places and to meet many people. A disadvantage was leaving friends behind. And usually our time living somewhere didn’t give me an opportunity to have a long time best friend.

Cathy who is on the right in the picture above is a best friend I had while living in Hanau, Germany. After her family left Hanau, she and I wrote to each other for about ten years, then lost touch with each other.

When I first got on the internet in 1999, Cathy was one of the first people I looked up. It took me a while to look her up because I couldn’t remember her married name. After a while of trying to think of it, I found a very small photo of her son that she sent me years before. The photo was on the floor in a corner, hardly noticeable. On the back of the photo was his first and last name. Bingo! I had Cathy’s married name so promptly looked up her.

Fearing she may not remember me, I decided to write a letter to her instead. A few weeks later, on Mother’s Day, Cathy called me saying my letter came at a perfect time as they had just buried her mother. That, and finding her son’s photo with his name on it were like divine intervention to me.

Although we live over one thousand miles away from each other, we have been able to visit several times, particularly since my youngest son was living about two hours away from Cathy.

A few years ago I read a poem by a woman who was a military brat and summed up what a best friend is to a military brat. Essentially our best friend is part of each one of the best friends we have had all rolled into one.

Time and distance hasn’t diminished what started as our childhood friendship.