My First Bicycle

If I remember correctly, my first bicycle was my brother Glenn’s hand me down bicycle.

Alison Higginbotham on her birthday

My Beautiful Alison

Alison is a very wonderful and beautiful child who gives us a great deal of joy.  Alison is ten (10) years old and has multiple disabilities caused by having had  a rare seizure disorder as a newborn called infantile spasms.  

Alison Higginbotham

Alison – Ten Years Later

It is hard to believe that almost ten years have past since the birth of my daughter, Alison.  It is also hard for me to believe what I have done since her birth!  From that day on, my life has changed!

Glenn at South City Park

My Memories of South City Park

In the background of the photo is the pool house, a place where many kids loved to go. From my research, the pool was started or completed around 1939. I

Karen at press conference on long term care

Listening to the other side

Listening to the other side of things doesn’t have to change our minds on how we feel and think, but hopefully can provide some understanding of why someone else feels and thinks differently than I do.

My Life as an Army Brat

My first memory was mom telling me to sit in our rocking chair so she could take a picture of me. I was not yet two years old and surprised I can remember that far back.

photo: Karen

A Day in my Life

Wearing my favorite kind of clothes in this photo from my teenage years.

photo: Karen

Others Missed Out on Knowing Me

unique bond. Our bond is in large part due to the unspoken bond of Army brats as we all know what live is like being a military dependent.