Photo Break

The time period is the late 1970s attending T.H. Harris Trade School in Opelousas, Louisiana for receptionist techniques. My friends and I took a time out from our studies for this photo. Gals of the time!

Elaine, who is on the left, and I hung out for a few years. We are friends on Facebook and used to run into each other from time to time at Walmart. I am on the right and seem “studious” holding my book! Debbie, to the left of me looks so laid back. I don’t believe I’ve seen her since our going to trade school.  Haven’t seen Nita, who is between Elaine and Debbie, in many years. Years seem to take a toll on friendships, but although I don’t see many friends I knew from years past, many are still in my thoughts from time to time.

I didn’t complete my schooling here due to having to go to work. What I did learn there helped me in work and in life.

After having a bad case of the flu, when returning back to school, there was a note for me asking me to call the local Department of Motor Vehicles. I had interviewed with them for a job before getting the flu; the call was to let me know they wanted me to go to work for them. It was a temporary assignment, but I accepted it. I later went on to several places of employment through the years, with eventually having my own business providing web design and online marketing for clients.

Below is another picture from the same time period at T.H. Harris. From left to right: Nita, Elaine, me, Debbie and Brenda. Oh, and must not forget Brenda’s car in the picture. Blurry photo, but still clear in my mind.

Snapshots from times past of some cool chicks, each in our own way!